Matches in The Disappearance

Mixed media on paper, each drawing 150 × 300 cm, 2016.
VN Gallery / Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary art / Zagreb

Drawing “Matches in the disappearance” deals with the problem of indigenous communities historically tied to a certain territory. Triptych exposes three different geographically positioned communities: Achuar from the Amazon rainforest on the border of Ecuador and Peru, tribe Mursi from Ethiopia and Tsaatan – nomadic cattlemen from Mongolia. Despite spatial dislocation, these three tribes are tied together by lifestyle tightly intertwined with nature and common teaching about life after death. Politically more dominant and opposing in worldview, western culture has been settling, occupying or colonizing a number of areas thereby inflicting their own aspects of culture and often threatening the sovereignty of original inhabitants. This work is a certain reflection upon mentioned social events; an expression of benevolence and indication of possible end with an invitation for subjective interpretation. Motives such as human figure, animals and plants which are connection points of the three mentioned tribes serve as stepping stones upon which the narrative is built. They take place on three large scale papers. Material which is collected through indirect artistic research have been freely interpreted and placed within the personal imaginative space of the artist. Various techniques applied with a general pale tone suggest a feeling of disappearance and fading.
Jelena Bando — 2018